You Have a Place to Serve

Love El Cajon

Jesus said that people are able to know we belong to Him by how we love. He also said that our loving others is also how God lets people know that He loves them!

Human nature always wants to point the emotional compass inward. To be the Church, we must on occasion point that compass outward. God’s grace is given freely, so we in turn give it away through acts of kindness that people can understand, perhaps showing them a little bit of God’s heart toward them.

During our Love El Cajon events, you have an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love by offering to do some humble act of service, with no strings attached. Everything is planned out and provided for you. All you need to do is jump in and try it. Kid-friendly outreaches are also available so the whole family can participate.

Examples of Outreach

Why are these servant-outreach events so important and so powerful? Because SHOWING the love of Christ is the best way to prepare for SOWING the Gospel of Christ into someone’s heart. While only a few people are gifted as “speaking evangelists,” all of us are able to be “showing evangelists” as we do small things with great love. As we love, relationships are going to be built, and as relationships are built, people are going to become much more open to the message of Jesus’ love that we have to share.